On A Wing And A Prayer

Searching for The First Wave of migrants in Tijuana, Baja California, MX

So, much like this photo, I find myself alone with Jesus (here online that is…Rhoda is my eternal mate), having withdrawn after 10 years of public ministry for Jesus Christ on Facebook. I felt nearly mortally wounded by bashing from the right AND left. And it was worth every wound. I am not a masochist so if you are looking to bash me here…please leave my site now. You will be peacefully escorted out by me and Jesus if you do not.

I lick my wounds in Christ. My politics are now private and my business. America is no longer free. To that degree I will speak out. Period.

I hope my friend in Russia, Alexandr will find me here and update me on how he is doing. Alexandr is an older man who lived as a heroin junkie in New York City. The Lord put us together on FB one night. Alexandr was contacting me from Russia where he had moved in with his Mother and was caring for her. He was trying to kick his addiction but when I talked to him he was stoned on something, but I knew this was a holy intervention. So I was patient in listening and tender in my interaction with him.

45 mph winds @ 2º F wind chill © David R Banta

I could tell that he really wanted to be transformed by Jesus like I was. We prayed together and he took Jesus into his heart and has remained there to date.

God bless you Alexandr as you walk with Jesus my friend.

All of those from FB that I forgot to contact about this move, I apologize profusely but I am soooo sensitive that I couldn’t take it no mo’! See ya on the other side…or not…everybody knows.